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How do our Group and Centre Activities Use Client’s NDIS Daily Activities Funding?

CB Daily Activities in NDIS is a subcategory of Capacity Building Category in an NDIS plan. It is also known as Improved Daily Living subcategory. This funding is allocated in certain trainings, therapies, and supports that can develop the participants’ independence and participation in the community.

Daily Activities in NDIS mostly include therapeutic support services that are appropriate to an individual participant. It can fund sessions with Occupational Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists.

West Side Care promises to provide NDIS Daily Activities in our group and centre activities. We highlight the importance of developing self-improvement skills while building camaraderie with others. You can opt to join group classes and trainings as well as individual one-on-one sessions with our support service providers.

Here at West Side Care, we promote self-development in every possible way!

Learn More About West Side Care’s NDIS Group Activities

We believe in the benefits of group activities wherein you can enjoy the company of new friends while learning a new skill. Our NDIS group activities are created and executed according to the most common interests of our clients. It also includes training, classes, recreational activities or group therapy sessions. 

Some of the specific topics of our NDIS activities are cooking, cleaning and laundry, personal care, basic use of gadgets, group outings, and more. We also offer meaningful community centre activities for our participants. At the end of every activity, we aim to impart new life skills to our clients and their advancement towards independence. 

West Side Care’s Activities that are Centre Based and NDIS Community Participation Activities

We have individual and group activities that are centre based. Both can be for recreational or educational purposes. It provides options for Core Daily Activities in NDIS like learning household decision making, personal care, and domestic tasks. For the recreation side, it can be a centre based art, dance, and music classes with our other clients.

Aside from group activities inside our facilities, we also expose our clients to important NDIS Community Participation Activities. This gives them the opportunity to go out and experience different areas in the community.  Some NDIS funded activities in the community are watching a movie, going on a holiday camp or social outings, and more. 

West Side Care ensures to deliver a well-rounded list of activities that are beneficial to our clients – call us to start your journey with us!

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Assistance with Self-Care Activities in NDIS: One of the Highlights of West Side Care’s Centre Based Activities

Our centre based activities include different self-improvement sessions. Some of them can be in the form of recreational group works as well as educational ones. We believe in the importance of helping our clients reach their life goals and enhance their level of independence. This is why we incorporate several Assistance with Self-Care Activities in NDIS as part of our group and centre based activities. 

We teach basic self-care activities like proper bathing, grooming, dressing and maintaining good hygiene. These activities give a big leap in achieving self-improvement and independence in doing most daily life tasks at home.

Join the West Side Care family – a family that is centered in helping and raising each other up!


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