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Significant Role Of Support Workers

West Side Care’s trustworthy and reliable support workers will care for your well-being and make sure that all of your needs are fulfilled appropriately based on what you need. Our programs are consistently aligned with our clients’ life goals and specific demands to effectively help them in living independently.

Moreover, our support workers are dedicated to assisting people with both physical disabilities and mental health to live to the best of their ability by teaching them essential life skills and by giving them both physical and emotional support. Turn to West Side Care to improve your quality of living!

West Side Care Specialised In Child Respite Care

West Side Care specialised in child respite care to help primary caregivers cope with the challenges and anxiety of their roles while still expecting their children to have access to ongoing care. We encourage caregivers in taking a break and recharging their energy while we look after their children.

We make sure that your child has a safe and comfortable place to stay. We also make sure that they have fun things to do to keep them active and develop social skills. Our support staff are compassionate and enthusiastic caring for children. So you can absolutely rely on us to look after your child while you take your break.

Fulfill Your Needs With Aged Care and Disability Assistance

Keeping up with  daily tasks or household chores for the elderly living with disability is tough.  Help is here!  West Side Care has a variety of ways to help you accomplish your tasks daily. We care about you and we can help you with aged care and disability needs.

Highest Quality Care For Disabled Adults

West Side Care is committed to providing the highest quality of care to disabled adults. We can help you keep up with your daily tasks and live the best life possible in your own home. We also give assistance with physical activity, domestic tasks, shopping, personal care, and cooking personalised to your special needs. 

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We Provide An Affordable And Safe Shared Community Living

Shared  community living is beneficial to people who do not want to live alone. West Side Care facilitates shared living for people with disabilities and elderly who can share similar ideas, interests and goals. We provide a range of environmentally friendly and cost-effective housing choices to suit your needs. Live in a safe and comfortable shared living with West Side Care.


Reliable and Accessible Senior Care & Assistance Services

We provide compassionate care and professional assistance to the elderly, and we will support you in maintaining a good quality of life.