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What to Expect From Our Tenancy Services?

West Side Care was established to provide holistic support services for the seniors and people with disabilities. Aside from delivering different services at the residence of our clients, we also provide housing and accommodations for them through our accommodation tenancy services. We can also assist them in finding their preferred house.

Our clients may have different options for tenancy but we do our best to find them a place wherein they can access support services easily and be safe and secured 24/7. Moreover, we are also committed to assisting our clients with their Support Coordination in NDIS. At West Side Care, you are entrusting your life with the good people!

Why Consider Getting a Specialist Disability Accommodation Investment?

Nowadays, most people try their luck with different kinds of investments. Those who have unused properties, now have the option to turn it into something more meaningful. You can earn while helping a group of people in the community. This is achievable by having specialist disability accommodation investment

This investment turns your property into a disability accommodation, catering elderlies or individuals with disabilities. You just have to build it according to the requirements of the NDIS that are accessible and appropriate for their participants. 

West Side Care offers specialist disability accommodation that you can avail of for a short-term or long-term. Whatever you choose, we assure your safety and round the clock care!

West Side Care Got Your NDIS Respite Accommodation Covered

People in the workforce deserve a day off or a time to recharge in order to go back to work with full energy and focus. The same goes even for the care providers at home. Their work usually entails 24/7 care to ensure that their loved ones’ overall welfare is attended to. 

If you are a home care provider, then West Side Care is here for you. We can give you your long overdue respite through our NDIS respite accommodation. Our NDIS respite rates are customizable to your budget and guaranteed with quality services for your loved ones. 

Begin your self-care journey, avail West Side Care’s NDIS respite services for you and your loved ones!

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West Side Care: Your Trusted NDIS Short Term Accommodation Providers

We are committed to give the best NDIS supported accommodation for seniors and people with disabilities. Our entire team collaborated well to ensure that our facilities can address different disability-related needs. We also give our clients options for the duration of their stay. 

West Side Care offers NDIS short term accommodation that is perfect to cover the care duties of home care providers during their respite. They can also choose a longer stay in our disability accommodations if they need a more accessible delivery for their support services. 

Our NDIS accommodation gives 24/7 care and assistance for all our clients. It also creates opportunities to build relationships with other people while developing their independence. Get a trusted support accommodation and one of the best NDIS short term accommodation providers in the area – call West Side Care! 

Why Choose West Side Care for Your NDIS Housing Needs?

Choose us to get the feeling of being at home with a family that cares for you. At West Side Care your needs are attended promptly and properly 24/7. Our NDIS housing is a place to enhance your health, experience fun and new activities, meet new friends and be the best version of yourself!


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