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How to Get the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan | WestSide Care

How to Get the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan

Since 2013, the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS has been funding disability care and support services for eligible participants. With NDIS support, there is the opportunity for you to live an independent and comfortable life. With the numerous funded supports available, you can achieve your goals and maximise your potential. This is why it is important to follow the tips below to make sure it is working out for you.

1. Check your budget and spending.

The NDIS has a budget set for each participant. Regularly check your plan if the services you are availing are really helping you meet your goals. Don’t spend too much on multiple services all at once. You might not have much funds left for other critical NDIS support services that you may realise later on. The other scenario would be spending too little and could also cause problems. Check your plan at regular intervals to see if your timeline and budget match. If your plan is set for one year, at the 6th month, half of your fund should have been spent. 

2. Get support coordination.

Support coordination is an NDIS funded support. It can help you understand the processes of the NDIS and assist you in managing your plan. It can also connect you with NDIS providers, your community, and government services. At the same time, support coordination helps build your skills to use and coordinate your supports. 

3. Always communicate your needs.

Make sure that your needs are heard and addressed timely. Maintain good communication with all of your service providers and support coordinator if you have one. Your NDIS providers should be aware of your goals and if the services that are being provided are helping in achieving them. If not, necessary adjustments should be made.

4. Review your plan regularly.

NDIS provides a budget or funding until you are 65 years old. But your goals are expected to change as time passes. Reflect on your goals and NDIS plan yearly. Adjust your NDIS plan according to the goals that have been met and those that have not.

WestSide Care: Your NDIS Service Provider That Cares

End the search for “NDIS provider near me” because WestSide Care provides a wide range of NDIS support services tailored-fit to your needs. Understand your NDIS plan and maximise the opportunity with our support coordination. We also have services that will help you in your daily activities: assist personal activities, development life skills training, and household tasks. Community engagement services are also available: participate community and group and centre activities.                  

Get the most out of your NDIS plan and contact WestSide Care now!

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