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Becoming a Disability Support Worker in Australia main | West Side Care

Becoming a Disability Support Worker in Australia

If you are passionate about helping others and have an interest in supporting people with disabilities, you could consider a career as a disability support worker. We believe that working as a disability care provider is a rewarding career and can help the vulnerable sector of our population. 

This guide from West Side Care, provider of quality disability services Australia, helps you find out how to become a disability support worker, what the requirements are, and provide some useful tips along the way!

Education and Training

Headstart your career. As a part of disability support worker jobs, one should get formal training and qualifications to be one. You can get a higher chance of getting a career by improving your skills in individual care, or specific disability.  Here are some of the following disability work traineeship that you should get:

  1. Certificate III in Individual Support – Disability
  2. Certificate III in Individual Support – Ageing, Home, and Community
  3. Certificate III in Individual Support – Home and Community
  4. Certificate IV in Aging Support
  5. Certificate IV in Mental Health

Required registration and licensing

In entering the disability services in Australia, it is a prerequisite to obtain a Working with Children Check from the Department of Communities as well as a National Police Certificate. If you are already one, you also have to renew your work’s license.

Becoming a Disability Support Worker in Australia second | West Side Care

Personal Skills

Working in disability services requires an immense amount of strength physically, emotionally, and mentally. A self-awareness in improving communication skills, patience, physical fitness, as well as positive social relationships plays a vital role in being dedicated to the said job.

Finding Work

As you have gathered training related to disability support, put it into use by practicing it professionally. Seeking disability employment services is a step forward in working with people who are living with disability, illness, or injury issues.

Join the West Side Care Team!

By joining our team, you can help more people become more active, independent, and inclusive members of the community. Make that call now and start your career here at West Side Care!

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