West Side Care: Your Source for Senior Care & Assistance Services in Victoria
West Side Care provides reliable and accessible senior care & assistance services in Victoria that are individually tailored to our participants special needs. We help improve our participants' quality life by providing them with appropriate and effective caring for senior needs.
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NDIS Provider
West Side Care has met stringent NDIS provider registration requirements. With the qualifications we have, we ensure that we continue to provide high-quality and dependable NDIS support services to our current and future participants.
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Respite Care
Respite care enables a carer to take a much-needed vacation from caring for a sick, elderly, or disabled family. West Side Care delivers secure and comfortable respite in your own home, daycare centres, or residential or nursing homes.
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Accomodation Tenancy
Aside from delivering different services at the residence of our clients, we also provide housing and accommodations for them through our accommodation tenancy services. We can also assist them in finding their preferred house.
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Support Coordination
West Side Care values how NDIS supports your disability-related needs. We are your trusted partners towards reaching your individual life goals – West Side Care has the best NDIS support coordination near you!
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Assist Personal Activities
West Side Care is the name you can trust for reliable elderly care as we specialise in providing a relaxing and comfortable life for the elderly. Among the NDIS categories, core support is the most flexible and can be customised to meet your personal objectives.
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Assist Travel Or Transport
Having a reliable and caring support worker by your side is helpful in many ways. You may count on our trusted elderly home care, assistance with household chores, and even travel and transportation services. They can come with you when you need to go out. They’ll secure your convenience and safety, allowing you to get where you have to go without worrying about your mobility issues.
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Daily Tasks Shared Living And Respite
West Side Care’s trustworthy and reliable support workers will care for your well-being and make sure that all of your needs are fulfilled appropriately based on what you need. Our programs are consistently aligned with our clients’ life goals and specific demands to effectively help them in living independently.
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Disability Living | West Side Care
Disability Care | West Side Care
Disability Employment Services Near Me | West Side Care

Find Disability Support Workers Who Are Right for You!

As an NDIS Provider that ensures your needs are met with honesty, we connect with qualified, experienced, and passionate disability support workers. With us, you are appreciated, respected, and protected.

National Standards For Disability Services: What You Should Know

The Australian government has set national standards for disability services for employment and advocacy of disability services providers for people with disabilities.  Nowadays, there are a lot of ways that people with disabilities are in control of making decisions about what kind of services they get. The national standards for disability services are:

  • Rights
  • Participation and Inclusion
  • Individual Outcomes
  • Feedback and Complaints
  • Service Access
  • Service Management

To achieve your goals and make the most of your NDIS plan by getting the right kind of support, get in touch with West Side Care!

Find Disability Support Workers Who Are Right for You!

If you are searching online for reliable “disability employment services near me,” West Side Care can help! We are committed to giving Australians with disabilities access and choice over how you receive services, while providing employment programs that suit your needs and objectives. To get started, we can provide you with as much information as you need on potential disability employment services.

Disability Support | West Side Care
Disability Services Near Me | West Side Care

Our Goal is to Make NDIS Participants Say, “I’ve Found the Best Disability Support Services Near Me!”

To help in your search for “disability support services near me,” West Side Care provides specialised and passionate assistance that enables people with disabilities to have more choice and freedom. We work with you to develop effective and appropriate disability support services that will help you reach your goals. Talk to us now to see how we can assist you.

How to Make Your Disability Living More Productive?

Make your disability living productive, healthy and happy with West Side Care! We are a reliable and trusted disability services provider that provides independent disability services essential for you and your family. We guarantee that you will live comfortably and safely at home and in the community. Lead an active life with West Side Care. Call us now!

List Of Support Services For Disability | West Side Care


Our Outstanding Disability Services in Australia


Numerous disability services are available in Australia, and West Side Care is recognized to be one of the best. We provide  quality services for people living with disability and mental health problems


Accommodation Tenancy

We'll help you find a safe and secure private-rental or public housing option.


NDIS Provider

We are an NDIS provider and deliver quality support or a product and services to the participants of the NDIS. We are the NDIS right for you.


Support Coordination

We will coordinate the support services you need and assist you in achieving your life goals.


Assist Personal Activities

We can support you with your personal tasks of daily living in order to help you build skills that will allow you to live as independently as possible.


Assist Travel or Transport

We help NDIS participants in developing the capacity to travel independently. Additionally, we assist individuals in gaining access to their community, employment, or education where they cannot do so through other means of transport.


Shared Living

We're here to simplify your life by teaching you how to live independently or in a shared home with others.


Life Skills Training and Development

We offer a life skills group to assist you in developing productive relationships. Our life skills groups are led by wellness and development professionals


Assistance with Household Tasks

Our support services include assistance with regular domestic duties including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and more.


Community Participation

We deliver assistance with community participation to help our participants develop social skills and be an active part of the community.


Respite Care

We provide comprehensive support for primary caregivers at home, allowing them to take a break from their roles.


Group and Centre Activities

We deliver relevant social interactions through NDIS group and centre activities. Be part of our family to explore more about the things you can learn from our community!

Learning Disability | West Side Care

List of Support Services For Disability

We recognize that each person with a disability has unique needs, therefore we offer a variety list of support services for disability to assist you make the best move. With the help of West Side Care, people with disabilities can take part in the social and community – based participation that is mandated by law. We can help you find disability services jobs that are a match for you.

Share Care for Disability Services in Melbourne

We consistently provide life changing disability services in Melbourne empowering people living with disability. We deliver our caring and reliable disability services in Melbourne depending on your special needs to ensure your objectives are achieved. We are also dedicated to building and improving lives by providing shared care disability services that boost your community participation and enhance your social skills. 

Disability Care Jobs: Perfect Fit For Your Abilities

West Side Care helps people living with disabilities in finding disability care jobs in a role that is a perfect fit for their abilities. We aim to boost their social inclusion by making blended employment opportunities accessible to them and by organizing training. We deliver reliable disability care and help people with disabilities lead active lives by guiding them towards independent living.


Reliable and Accessible Senior care & Assistance Services

We provide compassionate care and professional assistance to the elderly, and we will support you in maintaining a good quality of life.


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